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The ultimate Noise Control Device to end all your noise emission worries.


Power requirements:
Line voltage: 15 or 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption: 30 Watts

Audio interfacing
Type:Electronically balanced Phoenix
Impedance: 10 kOhms
Max. input level: +20 dBu

Type: EBOS floating balanced Phoenix
Impedance: 120 Ohms
Max output level: +20 dBu

Digital audio
Processing: 32 bit floating point
Converters: 24 bit AD, 24 bit DA
Sample frequency: 48 kHz
Control Interface: RS 232

Dimensions  HXWXD : 44mm X 484mm X 223mm
Rack mounted 19 Inch

Download datasheet (pdf)




The BassCreator® is a Noise Control Device empowering acousticians and professional sound engineers to deal with noise emission nuisance caused by music. Designed and built by industry leading experts in acoustics and sound engineering, BassCreator® uses advanced algorithms and electronics to get the best possible musical quality while reducing noise levels by as much as 10 dB(A).

Since its introduction in 2005, the BassCreator® has been successfully installed in an incredible number of venues, ranging from clubs and bars to theatres and open-air events. Despite its success the R&D team hasn’t sat still: the second generation of BassCreators has been developed into an even more ferocious enemy against noise emissions, adding scheduling capabilities and cutting-edge audio algorithms.


Based on the missing fundamental principle, BassCreator® is capable of achieving noise reduction levels of 6 to10 dB(A) at an amazing sound quality. Using eight advanced parametric filters, an acoustician can filter out problems in the bass region. Special adaptive algorithms are used to restore the bass and musical performance. The overall dB(A) level can be guaranteed by a triple limiter function, which can be sealed by public authorities to secure maximum sound pressure levels.

Have an exemption from normal noise emission laws for special occasions? No problem! The BassCreator® offers capabilities to schedule exception situations on a yearly, weekly or one-time-only basis. All these features can be easily controlled from any PC, using the specially developed software that gives you full control over BassCreator® at the click of a mouse.

The club sound you always wanted

BassCreator® is capable of extending the frequency range of small loudspeakers 1 to 1,5 octave below their resonance frequency without overloading it. It can make a ten-inch loudspeaker sound like a fifteen-inch sub! The algorithm creates a deep, clear bass (even in small rooms), which can be tailor-made to your personal taste.  BassCreator® gives you the possibility to create the club sound you always wanted.

Cost effective solution:

According to the Dutch Society for Building Research the average cost of sound isolating a bar/club etc. is about € 6 000.-  per dB. By installing a BassCreator® you can save € 36 000.- to € 60 000.-!