Concrete wins LAI award with SupperCruise

29 january 2004

Concrete, the succesful Amsterdam based architects, won the prestigious LAI 2004 (Lensvelt Architect Interior price) for the ''SupperCruise'' project . Its contemporary design, functionality and unique concept is supported by a sound system designed by Team Projects. Sound quality plays a very important role in the concept. Blending the equipment in the design was a big challenge.

The lounge was equippped with 8 Amina Pro panels, whose NXT technology ensure a good dispersion even with the very low ceiling. 4 18'' Martin Audio cinema subs provide massive low-end. In the restaurant part a combination was made of Renkus Heinz SR82, partially because of their high power and compact measures, and custom made ''Bass Shakers'' mounted underneath the seating, to create a sublow-effect.

More information can be found on the Supperclub website, and the website of Concrete Architects . Equipment was provided by TM Audio.