Customisable acoustics and 3D surround sound for Centrum Muziek XXI, Utrecht

05 september 2008

On its own, the bare, sober hall sounds a bit flat. One would never think that Centrum Muziek XXI houses the acoustic environment of the Sydney Opera House, The Royal Albert Hall in London or the Amsterdamse Concertgebouw.

Built as a working place for musicians and artists, the centre facilitates an audience of 120 and offers practice facilities for over 60 professional ensembles. To create an optimal acoustic environment where artists could practice their performances, an intensive selection process was started to find a suitable acoustic solution.

Event Acoustics’ XLNT VAP (Virtual Acoustics Processing) system was selected based on earlier experience at the auditorium of The Utrecht Archives (Het Utrechts Archief). XLNT VAP not only offers the ability to clone the most spectacular acoustic locations, it even doubles as a highly advanced 3D surround system, creating the sensation of a helicopter moving around in the Notre-Dame Cathedral or in a small basement.

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