Event Acoustics - An old team with a new name

08 april 2010

Over the past seven years, Team Projects' acoustic consultants have played an important role in the entertainment industry: enhancing the acoustic experience at numerous events and venues with award-winning innovations,  monitoring noise levels at important festivals and improving the acoustic environment of internationally renowned locations.

Being part of the Ampco Flashlight Technology Division, Team Projects found itself in increasing collaboration with other members of the Group. The need arose for a more defining name: Event Acoustics.

Activities include:

  • Monitoring sound levels at events
  • Sound measurements (acoustics, isolation, working conditions)
  • Advising on and providing solutions for sound management and acoustics
  • Sales and rental of measurement systems (XLNT SoundMonitor)
  • Sales and rental of systems for variable acoustics (XLNT MCR and XLNT VAP)
  • Sales of sound absorption and isolation products (XLNT TexLnt)
  • Sales and tuning of noise control devices (XLNT BassCreator)
  • Designing sound systems

Although the name under which they operate has changed, the team and their progressive approach to acoustic consultancy remain the same.

Expert knowledge of acoustics and practical, in the field experience are still combined with state-of-the-art technology and innovations to lift your venue to the next level.