Kees Neervoort

After completing his bachelor’s degree in audio design, Kees Neervoort started working on his PhD in audio design and acoustics for his work on the development of XLNT VAP (Virtual Acoustics Processor).

Kees has been active in the entertainment industry since 1993. He has been involved in over 1 000 shows varying from house to opera as a sound designer and/or technician for audiences from 50 to 50 000 people, including the New Cool Collective Big Band, Boyzone and Masters at Work.
After working as a freelance Audio Designer and Engineer, Kees became Head of Sound at theatre/nightclub Panama in Amsterdam, a venue catering to many well-known national and international artists.

In 2004 Kees joined Event Acoustics as Audio Consultant and Project Leader Research & Development. Here he has managed the event acoustics for large-scale events such as the North Sea Jazz Festival, Lowlands and ID&T dance events.

Kees has developed a number of highly specialized pro-audio products including:

  • The Engineer: A digital audio management processor, developed for Martin Audio, that provides automatic built-in control of program level and tonal quality to compensate for variations in program sources and enables the elimination of sub-frequency pollution. In 2009 InAvate awarded The Engineer Most InAVative audio product for commercial use (non-loudspeaker).
  • XLNT VAP (Virtual Acoustics Processing): amplification of the reverberation in venues <3000m3, with the ability to clone the acoustics of a great theatre in a small auditorium.
  • Bass Creator: A noise pollution control device used to manage the audio environment in clubs, bars and restaurants.