Live Event Acoustics & Monitoring

Organising a festival, event or concert is a complicated process. Many parties are involved and the logistics can be daunting. The predicaments of finding a suitable location, artist’s schedules, variations in climatological circumstances, the surrounding environment (neighbours and culture) and numerous regulations all complicate the organisation of an event.
After all that has been covered, perfect acoustics and an ultimate sound experience are essential in ensuring that an artist’s message is expressed and the audience is pleased with their performance.

Event Acoustics has an integral approach to event acoustics. We advise and assist regarding audio performance management and can help in obtaining required permits. While continually focussing on optimal sound quality, our advanced sound measurement techniques ensure that the threshold for maximum output is never crossed.

Sound quality depends on the applied sound system, acoustics and the permitted sound levels. With the right techniques it is possible to obtain an excellent sound quality, without breaking sound level restrictions.

Event Acoustics’ unique approach is possible because of our extensive experience in all aspects of event acoustics. From creating excellent acoustics to designing innovative sound solutions.

Monitoring and maintaining sound levels are important aspects when obtaining permits for events, especially when outdoors. For this reason, we developed the XLNT Sound Performance Monitoring System that quickly determines which location is responsible for exceeding a permitted threshold and at what frequency. Real-time monitoring precisely reports the exceeded threshold and location to both the sound engineer and the acoustical consultant.

In the XLNT Sound Monitoring System, we use our own virtual array software to predict the reverberation of low and bass tones. Advanced computer programs such as Ease are used to calculate and predict acoustics.

Earning the trust and support of sound engineers are crucial when monitoring and managing sound levels at events. Being part of a larger live entertainment organisation helps us to offer our own practical experience to create a solid foundation for mutual understanding, respect and collaboration.