Peter van der Geer

Peter van der Geer is an expert in audio & noise management, isolation and acoustics, especially for the music industry. Trained in education, a turn of fate led to his becoming an acoustics advisor.

Peter’s background in physics gives him a unique way of looking at form and function:
“An advisor needs to dare to take a designers vantage point, to look beyond technical checklists into the realms of architecture and design. What effect do materials and shapes have? You need to be able to play with these aspects creatively.”

Combining his technical expertise, his eye for design, measurements taken on location and his vast experience, Peter steps beyond the traditional role of an advisor, becoming a sparring partner that will inspire any designer or architect.

Being a fanatical windsurfer with a strong interest for the environment, Peter’s sense of adventure, pragmatism and instinct for design can be seen in his inventions:

  • XLNT BassCreator: An affordable Noise Control Device that can make a ten-inch loudspeaker sound like a fifteen-inch sub.
Described as a “pragmatic, acoustic thinking tank”, Peter thinks “out of the box” to create pragmatic working solutions.