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Live Event Acoustics & Monitoring

Event Acoustics has extensive experience in improving the sound quality and monitoring sound levels to overcome noise spillover at live events. From creating excellent acoustics to designing innovative sound solutions. Our consultants have been involved in many large-scale events such as the North Sea Jazz festival and Lowlands.


Variable Acoustics and Sound Effects

Event Acoustics combines acoustic consultancy with the development and delivery of high-tech variable acoustics systems that can be applied at any location or event. Our systems create an immediate audible difference for both musicians and their audience.



Research & Development

Being part of a larger live entertainment organisation, Event Acoustics is surrounded by experts at every level. We know, first hand, what the needs are in the entertainment industry and are able to provide solutions for any venue or location. Our solutions can be applied in a much larger scope than what we initially developed them for. Through our products, our skills and expertise become available for every professional in the industry.