Ruud Kaltofen

After earning his teaching degree, Ruud began his career as a live sound technician at Protone PA Rentals in 1980. For ten years, he worked as a sound and systems engineer, touring with artists such as Chris Isaak and John Hiatt until the company merged into Ampco Pro Rent BV (Ampco Flashlight Group) in 1990. Gradually his focus shifted to electronic development.

Here Ruud developed a series of loudspeaker controllers and custom electronics solutions for the rental company and co-invented the Synco Rental Network Sound Monitors.
Ruud’s Research & Development results on loudspeaker reverberation and the possibilities of manipulation are still industry standards.

Ruud continued his work in Research & Development within the Ampco Flashlight Group at Event Acoustics, where he has been a valued team member since 2002. While Ruud’s focus has shifted to the development of digital audio equipment, he still gets animated when talking about past achievements.

Ruud is an expert in analogue technology and the design of electronic hardware and firmware. His most recent achievements have been in his contributions to the development and implementation of:

  • XLNT MCR (Multiple Channel Reverberation): An acoustic enhancement system, providing a premier acoustical experience for audience and performers.
  • XLNT VAP (Virtual Acoustics Processing): For better amplification of the reverberation in smaller rooms and the ability to clone any other room’s acoustics.
  • DSP Platform (Digital Sound Processor): A digital platform for sound manipulation and optimisation developed for Synco Audio.
  • XLNT BassCreator: An affordable device to control noise emission.
  • The Engineer: Developed for Martin Audio, The Engineer provides automatic tonal and level control and the elimination of sub-frequency noise pollution.

Ruud describes himself as an analytical problem solver with a penchant for American old-timers.