Variable Acoustics & Sound Effects

Event Acoustics uniquely combines acoustic consultancy with the development and delivery of state-of-the-art variable acoustics systems for any location or event. Systems creating an immediate audible difference for both musicians and their audience.

Although this notion seems logical, 90% of all variable music systems are based on a principle where sound is captured by microphones, reverberation is added and the sound is projected to the audience through loudspeakers.

XLNT MCR: Multiple Channel Reverberation

Event Acoustics created XLNT MCR, a completely digital system with automatic fine-tuning that creates “real”, measurable change in the acoustic environments >3000m3.

A number of systems have been sold to venues such as Tonhalle in Düsseldorf, Germany and Kursaal Oostende in Belgium. Rentable, mobile solutions are currently available.

XLNT VAP: Virtual Acoustics Processing

The success of XLNT MCR created a need for an affordable system for locations <3000m3 with a limited reverberation field, such as theatres, practice facilities and recording studios.

XLNT VAP has been used in locations such as the professional practice facility for chamber musicians: Centrum Muziek XXI in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

By combining convolution and reverberation field amplification techniques with a high level of standardisation, we can change the acoustic setting of any location at an affordable price. It is even possible to simulate the acoustic environment of famous concert halls such as the Sydney Opera House or the Royal Albert Hall in London, England. XLNT VAP is available as a temporary, mobile installation.

Virtual Image Placement

The magical thing about creating a new acoustic environment is its effect on environmental sound effects; an extra dimension that can't be approached by any surround system. Where traditional surround systems are limited by the capacity of their loudspeakers, XLNT VAP can double as a highly advanced 3D surround system.

Virtual Image Placement (VIP) makes it possible to quickly create complex sound effects in any location, and is available as an extra option within the XLNT VAP system.