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Intelligent Network Measurement System

  • Managing sound levels in clubs, theaters and halls
  • Checking sound levels in the vicinity of events
  • Managing sound levels during events
  • Remote management, reporting and recording of sound levels

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Legislative measuring, forecasting, registering and monitoring


The locations where sound is produced are facing increasingly strict regulations for sound levels. This may be based on audience protection, health and safety regulations or environmental regulations to prevent noise towards the surrounding area. A good and reliable measurement system is an indispensable tool in today’s entertainment industry.

MeTrao is a system used to obtain information about the current sound levels and that records measured sound levels, providing insight into the history of the values measured. The system was developed based on experiences from practice, to meet all requirements the current regulations, the local government and the customer have with regard to sound level registration. It gives the sound technician, operator/organizer and government a tool for the proper management and recording of the sound levels in halls, theaters clubs and events for instance.

The system was developed by Event Acoustics, the company that has providing sound control for various large events such as North Sea Jazz, Laundry Days, Reverz and Lowlands. With this knowledge from practice, the system was further developed, supplemented with wishes from pop halls such as; Tivoli Utrecht, Paradiso Amsterdam, de Vooruit Gent and of the many international sound technicians.
MeTrao is a network-based modular measurement system that is able to meet any user requirements and has a number of unique features.
The basic unit consists of a 19”  measurement system equipped with a class 1 compliant microphone.

·    Can be used Stand Alone but also in a network of several systems
·    Central readout of several halls and / or stages
·    Separate readout displays for technician, audience and manager through MeTrao readout station
·    Data storage both locally or through the internet in a data center
·    Sound recording when standard is exceeded, to be used in analysis
·    Forecast algorithm EA-Predict®  for available sound area
·    Spectral information
·    Secure readout through web browsers of PC, Tablet or Phone with a MeTrao data-subsription.