25 february 2011

FEBRUARY 25 2011 - Mobile Air WallTM from Event Acoustics had an outstanding ISE début in the 3D Theatre in Hall 9 and on the adjacent Booth 9B141. This sound isolation baffle system was used to create both the 3D Theatre itself, providing sound isolation and acoustical improvement for the theatre on the busy show floor, and formed a small purpose built demo room for the Event Acoustics booth.

Event Acoustics' senior acoustics consultant, Peter van der Geer, commented: "We had a phenomenal level of interest from the start of the show to the end. We had a large number of serious enquiries and requests for immediate quotations from around half of them. It was a stunning start for us with this product."

Mobile Air Wall is the latest addition to Event Acoustics' range of sound isolation solutions, which includes the pioneering TexLNT sheep wool baffles that have been deployed to great effect at venues such as the Ahoy in Rotterdam for the North Sea Jazz Festival.

Designed to be hung from standard entertainment mounting and rigging systems, Mobile Air Wall enables an exhibitor to create a quality meeting space in a noisy environment like a trade show.

No other solution works the way Mobile Air wall works - a new and innovative mobile wall material that isolates sound by up to 18dB and creates excellent acoustics in one go. Discrete conversations can be held without disturbing or overhearing what is being discussed in the next room.

A meeting room from 2x2 to 20x50 meters can be created using panels 3 metres high and one meter wide. An overlap makes sure it is a closed space and with smart 'shush openings' the air inside remains cool while maintaining silence. The panels can be hung like curtains, have a soft cushioned feel and a patented and environmentally friendly sheep wool filling. Because of its simple setup, one layer does all the work, making it more cost effective than any other solution.

The product was successfully premiered at IMEX 2010 in Frankfurt, where a team from Belgian dealer Abbit Meeting Support constructed a demo meeting room for IMEX educational sessions. The PDIP room at IMEX 2010 was the world premiere of a silent meeting room on a noisy tradeshow floor.

Mobile Air Wall is tested and certified to the European standard EN ISO 6941 (2003) for textile fabrics, burning behaviour and measurement of flame spread properties.

Mobile Air Wall is 100 mm thick; standard width is 1.0 meter and it comes in rolls of 2,3,4,6 or 8 meters. Custom lengths can be ordered on request.

The baffles are fitted with mounting strips at both the top and bottom end, allowing the user to use third party mounting equipment.

The standard color is black; other colors can be made on request.