Product Concept Development

The best products are developed by people that work with them. They know what makes a smart, solid user interface. Every member of Event Acoustics has this practical level of experience and, being part of a larger live entertainment organisation, we are surrounded by experts at every level.

We know, first hand, what the needs are in the entertainment industry and are able to provide solutions for any venue or location. Solutions that can be applied in a much larger scope than what they were initially developed for. By developing our own products, our skills and expertise become available for every professional in the industry.

Many of our systems and products are born out of customer demand and are inspired out of a team member’s audio or acoustic background. This allows us to work quickly, according to specifications known to the developers and according to developments in the field.

Examples of products developed by Event Acoustics:

  • The Engineer system sold by Martin Audio. Developed because we were confronted with strongly varying material, both spectrally and in shop and club sound levels, leading to complaints about sound quality. We developed The Engineer’s unique algorithm to ensure a continuous sound quality, as if a sound engineer was constantly at work. The electronics used for The Engineer exceed the norm of quality in this market segment and are a direct result of the developer’s passion for sound quality. The intuitive control software is famed because its developers spent years working in the field behind actual audio controls before starting to develop this solution.
  • The acoustic product XLNT TexLnt® was also developed out of necessity. During the development of the mobile low frequency baffles, we not only looked at acoustic achievement but also at practical issues such as durability, fire resistance, mounting and transportation.
  • XLNT MCR (Multiple Channel Reverberation) digitally improves the acoustic setting of a building without influencing the infrastructure. By amplifying the existing reverberant field of halls over 3000m3 at a precisely controllable amount, it allows stunning, instantly variable acoustics for any size or form of production.
  • XLNT VAP (Virtual Acoustics Processing) was created to change the acoustic setting of location under 3000m3 with a limited reverberation field. Allowing the simulation of any acoustic environment or concert hall, it enables even the smallest theatre to sound like the Sydney Opera House or the Notre Dame Cathedral.
  • XLNT Bass Creator® is a ferocious enemy against your noise emission worries. Reaping an advantage of 5-10dB(A) over admissible sound levels, this noise control device is especially suited for bars, restaurants and clubs desiring a warmer, fuller sound experience with more bass tones.

All of our products are built on experience and can be modified according to your specific need. Nothing is impossible. Something is only impossible until somebody else makes it possible.