About Event Acoustics

What makes us special

The passion of the people at Event Acoustics is music and creating the best experience of it with as little disruption as possible. Ultimately, the artist determines everything but we want to create the best possible acoustic conditions.

For a good experience of music, the volume and quality of playback is important. We stand for integrated solutions where both sound insulation, acoustics and sound system can be designed by us. If there is no standard solution we invent or develop one. We love a party but believe it should take place with as little disruption as possible.

We believe that measurements should be objective without a subjective assessment by humans. For this reason, we have developed our unique proprietary MeTrao measurement system. The only noise measurement system that measures simultaneously at source and receiver, giving truly reliable objective measurements. This way, we prevent and remedy noise pollution and noise problems at festivals, municipalities, companies and also private individuals, among others.

Our Team

Within our team, everyone has multiple roles. In addition to everyone having their own expertise, everyone knows enough about the expertise of others to be able to advise on it. That way, as a customer, you can be sure that you are always speaking to someone who knows what they are talking about.

Peter van der Geer

Peter van der Geer is an expert in audio and sound management, insulation and acoustics, especially for the music industry. To many, he is the face of Event Acoustics.


Luc Keij

Luc Keij is a consultant at Event Acoustics and is also the developer of the user interface (Webface) of our MeTrao Measurement System that we often use in our services.

Kees Neervoort

Kees Neervoort is the brains behind and founder of Event Acoustics. He has years of experience in audio design and acoustics and uses this to devise suitable audio solutions.

Bram van Vliet

Bram van Vliet is a consultant at Event Acoustics and also a software developer of the MeTrao measurement systems and provides its technical support. Thanks in part to this software, we can perform our work efficiently.


Gijs Rasing

Gijs Rasing is a consultant with Event Acoustics and also handles equipment management. He is, in Peter’s words, the future of Event Acoustics.

Mischa van Elteren

Mischa van Elteren is back office manager at Event Acoustics and handles administration and scheduling. Thanks in part to him, we are able to carry out our work in a structured manner.

Our rich history


How it began

Event Acoustics traces its roots back to 2003. That’s when we started consulting theater and concert halls on sound, lighting and acoustics. What made us so special then is that we were able to offer an integrated solution. Not only do we understand acoustics and sound insulation of buildings but also sound systems So we were able to advise on how companies could create a better sound experience. Many years later, we are still doing this, but now with even more knowledge and with better measuring equipment.


North Sea Jazz

In 2006, we were approached for the North Sea Jazz festival to ensure perfect sound quality by advising on sound insulation between the stages, acoustics and the sound system for each venue. During the event, there were complaints of noise pollution but it was difficult to pinpoint exactly where it was coming from. Event Acoustics used its expertise to develop a measurement system that made it easier to identify which stage was causing a nuisance. In this way, the noise could be better regulated and complaints were resolved. Finally, with this measuring equipment, it became possible to detect the problem within half an hour. We used the same techniques at Lowlands, among other festivals, and still use them regularly at many others in the Netherlands and abroad.


Nesselande, Rotterdam

In 2010, we were asked to take measurements in the Rotterdam neighborhood of Nesselanden. Residents complained about a hum that no one could find the source of.When we took our measurements, the results turned out to be very confusing. But that didn’t stop us from taking a different approach. By measuring both at the possible source and receiver of the noise, we found out that the noise was coming from trucks on the highway. A few years later, a RIVM report also confirmed these findings.


On the tube

In recent years, we have been on television several times in programs such as The Driving Judge and The Monitor. In these programs, we share our knowledge and expertise to solve and explain problems. Thus, we also want to create more attention to the problems of noise pollution. We are very proud of this milestone!

For the individual

Because of all our experience with noise pollution and noise control, we know that individuals also have to deal with these issues. Therefore, we are working to make our services affordable for individuals as well. We would like to help them solve noise issues, for example, or manage the noise of a private event. Thus, once again, we ensure that sound is a pleasant experience for everyone. Recently, we have developed new affordable measurement equipment making our revolutionary detection method of simultaneous measurement at sources (transmitters) and receivers also payable by individuals.


Some of the services Event Acoustics uses to ensure a better sound experience.

Detection of Noise

Measure noise and solve nuisance at businesses and individuals

Acoustic Research and Consulting

Research and consulting in permit processes, events and room acoustics

Monitoring and Management (Real-time)

Monitoring and controlling noise, for example during festivals, hospitality and construction work

Construction and
Installation Consulting

Advice and guidance on sound insulation measures for (re)construction and installation projects

Get in touch

Need help with a noise problem, permit application or other noise challenge? We are happy to help you. Please contact us and we will look at the possibilities together.

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Contact person

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“Hi, I’m Mischa, back office manager at Event Acoustics. I’ll be happy to help you out.”

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